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Let us take you on a fascinating adventure into the world of the Russian language and culture. You will see how rewarding it is to learn this truly beautiful language with us.


We make it easy and fun for you, and it's all ONLINE now, so that you can join us, no matter your location!

 What better way to learn Russian than through games and role-playing activities, that make you laugh so you enjoy speaking it?! We will guide you through the rules of the ever-changing Russian endings and give you tips on how not to get lost. We deliver classes in a relaxed atmosphere and allow our students to take the lead.


Our best reward is seeing you build up more and more advanced sentences in Russian until you get to the point where you are confident enough and don't need us anymore. That's our mission.

I'm Daria, the author of the best selling book Polish for Dummies and I welcome you to my school of Russian. No worries, all the teachers are Russian native speakers :)

Don't wait any longer - come and see us in action!

I hold a Master of Arts degree in Teaching Modern Languages and have been teaching adults, undergraduates and children for over 15 years. I'm a university lecturer and an examiner and work for the UK government institutions. I'm also a publisher, culture and business trainer and help Hollywood film makers and actors with their language accuracy.

Superb, highly recommended. I'm taking the beginner Russian course and am really enjoying it and learning lots. My teacher Tatsiana is great!


Donald Winchester

I enjoyed my intensive course very much - a lot of ground was covered in a relaxed, friendly environment. I would recommend this language school - Daria responds quickly to e-mails and aims to meet individual needs.


Lesley Harold

Professional and knowledgeable teachers, excellent basic course and good value for money. Highly recommended.​


Leonard Johnson

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