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Online Russian Courses for  Beginners

Get a taste of Russian with our Online Russian Group Courses for complete beginners. Learn basic Russian expressions and have a lot of fun when practising them with fellow students. We will get you involved in role-playing, various stimulating games, and all sorts of language activities you’re going to love! We focus on practising everyday phrases so that you can impress your Russian friends and in-laws right after the very first class! We promise to explain Russian grammar in an easy way and give you tips on how to get your head around Russian endings. We touch on Russian culture too, so that you know how to make Russian friends and avoid making faux pas. Entering and exploring the world of Russian language is a unique, fascinating and rewarding adventure. Enrol on one of our courses and fall in love with the Russian language.


We welcome everyone with absolutely no knowledge of Russian or those who already know a bunch of phrases but haven't had a chance to try regular classes. 

We offer evening, lunchtime, weekend, and intensive one-week Russian courses so that you can find a course suitable for your busy schedule.

We welcome new students all year round - simply get in touch whenever you want to get started.

Don't worry if you missed a starting date - you can still join in as we offer catch-up lessons and our teacher will get you up to speed with the rest of the group!

Book your first course and let us show you how much fun it is! 

Small Groups

Because people learn best in a small group, we take up to 7 students per class. 

Small groups mean plenty of opportunity for you to practice Russian (there is nowhere to hide!), individual attention, and regular feedback from your teacher. 

Join us online and see it for yourself!

Fantastic Teachers

We all are Russian native speakers, of course! 

We have a formal education - Master degree in Russian Language and Literature from great universities.

We completed Teaching Russian as a Second Language Training.

We have thousands of hours of teaching experience. We know the job inside out and simply love it - you couldn't be luckier!

Join us online to see us in action!

I was really impressed with my 5-day intensive course. The class was small and our two teachers were both very enthusiastic and hard working. We covered an enormous amount of material, and it was an excellent introduction to Russian. 


Sarah Nettleton

Why Online Works?

The advantages of learning Russian online are numerous! You can learn from anywhere, be it your home, office, holiday hotel or cafeteria. You can learn at any time as we have teachers located in different time zones. You can save time (and money) on commute and interact with your teacher as if you were in the same room.

How Online Works?

The set up for Online Russian Lessons is easy as we use a popular videoconferencing software package available across all devices. All you need is a computer or a smartphone with access to the internet. We will help you with the setup in advance, no worries!

Level 1 - Online Beginners

Ideal for students starting their adventure with Russian. 

All classes are Online, London UK time

Christmas Break 23 Dec - 8 Jan

Level 1 - Course Content

  • ​How do you pronounce it? You will learn all the essentials of Russian pronunciation.

  • Let’s get to know each other! You will learn simple expressions to introduce yourself and others, how to greet people, say goodbye, and other pleasantries.

  • Let's learn a bunch of most useful Russian verbs - we'll show you how they change their ending!

  • Asking for information: telephone number, address, e-mail address.

  • I'm running late! It's good to keep an eye on your (Russian) watch!

  • I love eating out! You will be able to order and appreciate Russian dishes.

  • I love my free time! You will learn to talk about your hobbies and ways of spending the weekend.

  • Where is my passport? How do I get to the hotel? With handy expressions on directions, you will never get lost again.

  • I love you! You will learn how to express your feelings to your nearest and dearest, or how to say "I love studying Russian"!

  • Whatever the weather. You will learn to talk about the weather and the seasons of the year.

  • We'll touch on some basic grammar but don’t worry - we don't want to scare you off!

Beginners - Level 1

Missing a Class

We understand that missing a class is sometimes unavoidable.

In order to help you to catch up on a missed session, we will email you information about the topics and pages you need to cover before your next class. You may wish to consider booking an additional individual catch-up lesson with one of our teachers, who will get you up to speed with your course. The fee is £39/hour, and you can book it here (select "tester lesson").

We are unable to offer you a space in another group when you miss a class. The reason is simple - we don't have two groups on the very same level at a particular time. We also think that inviting students from other groups may disrupt the pace of a class and cause inconvenience to other students. We hope you will understand.


Take your time when booking a course as we offer no refund if you change your mind at any point for whatever reason. It works in the same way as a plane ticket reservation. Once you sign up for a course, your space is secured and it will not be offered to anyone else. From that moment you will not be able to switch to another course, transfer money towards individual lessons or any other product advertised on our website, or to request a refund. This is down to the fact that we have limited spaces available in each group and once a course is confirmed we need to make sure we can run it for the promised number of weeks with no disruptions. Please be advised that we offer no refund for any unattended classes (see “Missing a Class”). If at any point you ask to move a level up or down we will check if there is a space available. If none is available, you may wish to continue studying with your current group, so you don't loose your classes as  there is no option of suspending attendance in one group and joining another group at a later date.

You are entitled to a full refund in case your course gets cancelled due to low numbers. You will be offered alternatives, and in case there is nothing suitable, we will sort out your refund promptly and send it back to you based on your original method of payment. See our Terms and Conditions/Refund.

Course Book

We use the course book titled "Поехали!"/"Let's go!", book 1 by Stanislav Chernyshov, 2019; ISBN 978-5-907123-00-7

Please be advised that the course book is not included in the course fee. You can purchase it on the Internet or from any larger bookshop with a decent language section (we will advise you on where you can buy it). For your convenience, we will provide photo copies for the first couple of lessons. During your complete beginner course, you will cover a quarter of the course book (chapters 1-8) and will continue using it when you book more courses with us.

Having Two Teachers

Most of our courses are taught by one teacher, but some may be shared between two teachers. It's actually pretty good to be exposed to different teaching techniques - the results are amazing! In rare occasions such as maternity leave or the end of the contract, we may need to change your teacher. It’s our job to make sure the transition is smooth and causes no disruption to your classes so that you can enjoy each lesson. 

Russian Private Lessons

Flexible, tailor-made and fun.
A private tutor who will help you to pick up Russian quickly and effectively.

Russian Courses for Non-Beginners

If you already know Russian, check out our group courses on more advanced levels.


Central London
At present we only offer online lessons.
14 Leather Lane, EC1N 7SU, London
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