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We select our Russian teachers carefully. They hold Master of Art in Russian Language and Literature and have been trained to teach Russian as a second language. Since they are experienced teachers, they know the job inside out. They will guide you through Russian grammar in an easy way and give you simple tips on how to find your way out of the labyrinth of Russian endings. And most importantly, with their help you’ll rapidly improve your communication skills in a variety of everyday situations. Our teachers are passionate about teaching Russian and full of energy, so get ready for intensive, stimulating and enjoyable classes.

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  • Russian Group Courses in central London. Groups are very small and classes run all your long so that you can enrol any time and start your Russian adventure right away.
  • Russian One-to-One Lessons - If you find it difficult to commit to a couple of weeks of a group course our Russian Private Lessons with flexible timing might be the best option.
  • Russian for Children is designed for kids of Russian background. Our friendly teacher will come to your home and will make the learning process fun for your kid.

From our experience in teaching Russian to students learning for different purposes (private, business, political etc.), we can tell that for students who never studied a foreign language (or weren't really paying attention at school!) it might be quite difficult to get their heads around Russian grammar and to learn Russian just by themselves. Especially at the beginning, you really need a guide who will help you get through the labyrinth of Russian endings, the pronunciation and sentence structure. And you also need someone who will tell you a bit about the culture and what makes Russian people different from you and how this can impact the whole communication process. I'm afraid that, although your Russian friend can tell you what ending is right and what is wrong, they won't be able to tell you how you can work that out. An experienced teacher however, will share all the tips with you.

And it doesn't really matter whether you sign up on a Russian Group Course or take some private lessons. What matters is that you are guided through the Russian language by an experienced Russian teacher who knows how to explain all the rules.

And undoubtedly, lessons with a teacher followed by some self-studying at home would be just a perfect combination. After all what counts is the volume - the more you are exposed to the language, the faster your progress and the better your results.

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"I am enjoying the classes very much, you have excellent teachers!"


"I have very much enjoyed and benefited from my classes at 2ndLanguage. Of all the courses I have done they have been best structured and run. The small groups allowed us to benefit from the excellent teaching your staff provided."


"The course was really good and I’ve enjoyed every lesson."


Beginner Russian Courses in London

Start Time Length Price  
15 Jan Mon 6-7.30pm 21 hrs/14 weeks £275
18 Jan Thu 6-7.30pm 21 hrs/14 weeks £275
22 Jan Mon-Fri 10am-2pm 20 hrs/1 week £265
23 Jan Thu 12.30-1.30pm 8 hrs/8 weeks £145
25 Jan Thu 7.30-9pm 21 hrs/14 weeks £275
27 Jan Sat 11.30am-1.30pm 10 hrs/5 weeks £165
29 Jan Mon 7.30-9pm 21 hrs/14 weeks £275
19 Feb Mon-Fri 10am-2pm 20 hrs/1 week £255

Upper Beginner Russian Courses in London

Start Time Length Price  
29 Nov Wed 7.30-9pm 12 hrs/8 weeks £185
10 Jan Wed 6-7.30pm 21 hrs/14 weeks £275
13 Jan Sat 9.30am-11.30am 10 hrs/5 weeks £165
7 Feb Wed 7.30-9pm 21 hrs/14 weeks £275

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