Russian Group Courses

Designed by Daria Gabryanczyk - the author of the best-selling book Polish for Dummies.

Get a taste of Russian with our Russian Group Courses for complete beginners. Learn basic Russian expressions and have a lot of fun when practising them with fellow students. We will get you involved in role playing, various stimulating games and all sort of language activities you’re going to love! We focus on practising every day phrases, so that you can impress your Russian friends and in-laws right after the very first class! We promise to explain Russian grammar in an easy way and give you tips on how to get your head around Russian endings. We touch on Russian culture too, so that you know how to make Russian friends and avoid making faux pas. Entering and exploring the world of Russian is a unique, fascinating and rewarding adventure. Enrol on one of our courses and fall in love with the Russian language.

Level 0 - Complete Beginners

Ideal for students starting their adventure with the Russian language.
Start Time Length Price  
13 Aug Mon-Fri 10am-2pm 20 hrs/1 week £275
13 Sept Thu 12.30-1.30pm 10 hrs/10 weeks £185
15 Sept Sat 11am-1pm 10 hrs/5 weeks £185
17 Sept Mon 6-7.30pm 21 hrs/14 weeks £275
17 Sept Mon-Fri 10am-2pm 20 hrs/1 week £275
25 Sept Tue 7.30-9pm 21 hrs/14 weeks £275
2 Oct Tue 6-7.30pm 21 hrs/14 weeks £275
3 Oct Wed 12.30-1.30pm 10 hrs/10 weeks £185

Level 1 - Upper Beginners

Suitable for students with a very, very limited knowledge of basic Russian expressions and grammar or those who have completed a 20-hour course for complete beginners.
Start Time Length Price  
9 Aug Thu 6-7.30pm 21 hrs/14 weeks £275
4 Sept Tue 6-7.30pm 21hrs/14 weeks £275
5 Sept Wed 7.30-9pm 21 hrs/14 weeks £275

Level 2 - Improvers

Ideal for everyone who has completed about 40 hours of classes or those who already know basic grammar and have a limited vocabulary range.
Start Time Length Price  
10 Sept Mon 7.30-9pm 21 hrs/14 weeks £275
4 Oct Thu 7.30-9pm 21 hrs/14 weeks £275

Level 3 - Intermediate Beginners

Suitable for students who completed about 60 hours of classes and are familiar with topics for our Level 1-2 . Scroll down for the curriculum for each level.
Start Time Length Price  
1 Aug Wed 6-7.30pm 21 hrs/14 weeks £275
7 Nov Wed 6-7.30pm 21 hrs/14 weeks £275


We are based in central London, only a couple of minutes walk from Chancery Lane (Central Line) and Farringdon tube (Circle, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan Lines) and railway stations, enabling easy access from anywhere in London. 14 Leather Lane, EC1N 7SU, London

About our courses

We welcome everyone with absolutely no knowledge of Russian or those who already know some phrases but haven't had a chance to try regular classes. We offer evening, weekend or intensive one week Russian courses so you can surely find a course suitable for you. We welcome new students all year round so simply get in touch whenever you want to get started and we will get you on board. If you missed a starting date don't worry - you can still join in as we offer catch-up lessons that will get you up to speed with the rest of the group!

Course book

We use the course book titled "Поехали!"/ " Let's go!, book 1 by Stanislav Chernyshov.

Please be advised that the course book is not included in the course fee, though we will provide photo copies for the first couple of lessons for your convenience. During your first beginner course you will cover on average one quarter of the course book.

Course Content

Level 0 - Complete Beginners

Level 1 - Upper Beginners

Level 2 - Improvers

Level 3 - Intermediate Beginners

Missing a class

We understand that missing a class is sometimes unavoidable.

In order to help you to catch up on a missed class we will email you information about the topics and pages you need to cover before your next class. You may wish to consider booking an additional individual catch-up lesson with one of our teachers, who will get you up to speed with everything. The fee is £40/hour and you can book it here (please select "tester lesson").

We are unable to offer you a space in another group, so that you can catch up on a missed session. The reason is simple - often we don't have two groups at the very same level at a particular time. We also think that inviting students from other groups may disrupt the peace of a particular class and may cause inconvenience to our students. We hope you will understand.


Take your time when booking a course as we offer no refund in case you change your mind for whatever reason.

It works similarly to plane ticket reservation. Once you sign up for a course your space is secured and it will not be offered to anyone else. From that moment you will not be able to transfer money towards individual lessons or any other product advertised on our website, nor to request a refund. This is down to the fact that we have limited spaces available in each group (maximum 7) and we want to ensure that once a course is confirmed we can run it for the promised number of weeks with no disruption to our students.

Please be advised that we offer no refund for any unattended classes (see section “Missing a class”).

You are entitled to full refund in case your course gets cancelled due to low numbers. You will be offered alternatives and in case nothing suitable we will sort out your refund right away back to your original method of payment.

If after the first group class you decided that you need to move a level up or down we may be able to offer placement in an alternative group (subject to your level assessment and group availability).

Other info

One-to-One Russian Lessons

If you find it difficult to commit to a couple of weeks of a group course our Russian Private Lessons with flexible timing might be the best option. See more details here.

"I have very much enjoyed and benefited from my classes at 2ndLanguage. Of all the courses I have done they have been best structured and run. The small groups allowed us to benefit from the excellent teaching your staff provided."


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