Learn Russian in London

Russian Group Courses

We offer a number of Russian Language Courses in central London so you’ll undoubtedly find a group course suitable for yourself. Classes run once or twice a week in the evening or at the weekend. We also organise intensive one week sessions to help you rapidly improve your communication skills in a variety of everyday situations.

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Russian One-to-One Lessons

If you have a busy timetable or would like to focus on studying things you like, find useful or need some extra help with, our Russian private classes are just perfect for you. You can take them at our office in central London or we can come to your office to save your time.

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Combined Group Courses & Private Lessons

Book any of our Russian Group Courses on the top of your one-to-one Russian lessons and we will offer you £5 discount on each of your private lesson.

Russian Lessons for Children

Our Russian Lessons for Children are designed for families with children of Russian background. You no longer need to worry that your child doesn't speak Russian. With a help of our friendly and experienced teachers your kids will pick up Russian phrases easily and you will be very proud to see them speaking with their Russian grandparents or playing with Russian cousins all in Russian. And all that at your home, under your watchful eye.

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The best Russian Tutor - for a successful learning

We ensure our teachers have the best teaching qualifications and are experienced teachers of Russian as a foreign language. They are also passionate about teaching and full of energy, so get ready for intensive, stimulating and enjoyable classes with our Russian tutors.

Learning Russian is easy and fun

We make learning Russian Language easy and fun as teaching is most effective when you, our student, actually enjoy what you are involved in. Therefore, you will learn via role playing and stimulating games. We focus on practising every day phrases, so that after the class you can go out and impress your Russian friends and in-laws. We promise tpo explain Russian grammar in an easy way and give you simple tips on how to get your head around Russian endings. We touch on Russian culture too, so that you know how to make Russian friends and avoid making faux pas. Entering and exploring the world of the Russian language is a unique, fascinating and rewarding adventure. Welcome on board.

Beginner Russian Courses in London

Location: 14 Leather Lane in London (map)
Start Time Length Price  
19 May Thu 6-7.30pm 21hrs/14 weeks £255
20 May Fri 6-8pm 10hrs/5 weeks £145
21 May Sat 11.30am-1.30pm 20hrs/10 weeks £245
25 May Wed 6-7.30 pm 21hrs/14 weeks £255
6 June Mon 6.00-7.30pm 21hrs/14 weeks £255
4 June Sat 11.30am-1.30pm 10hrs/5 weeks £145
6 June Mon-Fri 10am-2pm 20hrs/1 week £245
17 June Fri 6-8pm 10hrs/5 weeks £145

Small groups with up to 5 students. (more info...)

Upper Beginner Russian Courses in London

Location: 14 Leather Lane in London (map)
Start Time Length Price  
25 Apr Mon&Wed 7.30-9pm 21 hrs/7 weeks £255
27 Apr Wed 7.30-9pm 21 hrs/14 weeks £255

Small groups with up to 5 students. (more info...)

"I have very much enjoyed and benefited from my classes at 2ndLanguage. Of all the courses I have done they have been best structured and run. The small groups allowed us to benefit from the excellent teaching your staff provided."